What's up guys, this is my new game Burglar. Basically, this game is an infinite runner game like temple run, subway surfers ... The thing that makes the game different from the others is that the player is a spy trying to escape from a high-tech company in a futuristic car. So to wrap it up Burglar is an infinite driver game with extreme driving experience. There are obstacles along the way like Road blockers, cones, and also tokens like "Boost" recharge. The game has an exaggerated physics and the car that the player is driving has a rocket boost and has 900HP. The keyboard controls are simple:-  

  W - accelerate 

  S - decelerate 

  A - Steer left

  D - Steer right

  E - Boost

  C/V - Toggle camera

  left-shift/right-shift - Reset  space - Jump

If You like this Game and want download it you can get it here.

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